Help children, meet people – and have fun!

Do you like games like Trivial Pursuit? Then you will love PlayForLife’s Mallorca Quiz! Not only will you meet new people and learn new stuff, but also through a small donation help underprivileged children get an education.

What happens in a QUIZ?


We have decided maximum 4 people per team. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone, we will help you find team mates. We will provide paper and pens, but it’s good if you have your own pen just in case.

Each team decides on a TEAM NAME and writes it on top of each page.


We give you 40 questions plus a picture round, separated into themes such as Music, History, Geography etc. The Quiz master reads out 10 questions and you write the answers clearly on the appropriate piece of paper.

After you have filled in the 10 answers, you hand your paper to the team on the next table who will give you the correct score. We write down the score for each team and start on question round number 2.

There is a picture round, you write the name of the person, place or thing in the picture.

That’s it! We count up all the scores, the winning team gets a prize and a write-up on our website, and the children in Cambodia get an education.


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