Hello supporters!

“Did you know that any action you do on the web has value?”

Imagine the power of millions of people doing simple things creating value to help other humans. Have you ever asked yourself what would be the value of a multi-billion dollar web company without their user base — without you?

We want PlayForLife to become the biggest hub for non-profit organizations. Having millions of people gathering together from all around the world in a digital space doing simple things that you probably do everyday, leads to raising funds to dedicate for charity activities.

Help save the lives of thousands of people that are less fortunate than yourself.

And no, we don’t ask you for a donation. Surprised? We only ask for a few minutes of your time, your spare time, maybe when you are waiting someone or on break. Open our page and surf through our offers: you can download an app, play a game, register for some service, fill out a survey, etc.

By doing this you will help create a fund to finance charity projects in third world countries.

Our projects will focus on promoting access to quality education, improving the digital literacy of the most disadvantaged youth and to support the socio-economic growth of promising young entrepreneurs in developing countries.

At PlayForLife, we believe in the need to experiment with new and better ideas, solutions, processes, and technologies in order to address current and future social development and humanitarian needs.

We believe that the best way to help and support these populations is to provide them with the knowledge and tools to create value and improve their opportunities.

So if you like our vision and you want to support us, help make the difference by allowing us to send you a simple notification on your device (mobile or desktop) and dedicate a few minutes of your spare time to read our messages.

Easy, no?

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