Help Us Make a Difference by Promoting Access to Education and Improve Digital Literacy of Disadvantaged Youth

Our Mission

Promote access to quality education, improve the digital literacy of the most disadvantaged youth and to support the socio-economic growth of promising young entrepreneurs in developing countries.

How You Can Help

You can support PlayForLife simply by doing something that you probably do regularly. Download an app, subscribe to some service, online purchases, read an email, etc.

Yet, a small donation is highly appreciated to help us to speed up the setting of our self-sustainable ecosystem

Our Values


PlayForLife believes in the need to experiment with new and better ideas, solutions, processes, and technologies in order to address the current and future social development and humanitarian needs.


PlayForLife works not in isolation, but in an ecosystem. Economic development, social development, and environmental protection are and should be interconnected.

PlayForLife works with its corporate donors, beneficiaries, and implementing partners to ensure their work and objectives are aligned and working together for the benefit of future generations.


PlayForLife, as a non-profit organization/foundation, values transparency and knowledge sharing. Information about the sources and uses of its funding will be fully disclosed and accessible to the public.

Although progress has been made in the last couple of decades, 57 million children remain out of school in developing countries. Meanwhile, unemployment rates are increasing: 75 million young men and women are unemployed globally today, while 2.2 live below the US$2 poverty line.

PlayForLife has thus identified access to quality education and the creation of better opportunities for children and youths as a key priority.

Coding and Gaming
Computer Programming

This year, the market value of the games industry alone has reached 99 billion dollars and is expected to reach 118.6 billion dollars by 2019.

What if just 1% of these resources were devoted to lifting the most vulnerable out of poverty?

PlayForLife is taking it upon itself to pool the resources of digital industries leaders and to strictly ensure that these resources are maximized.

Working towards this Vision, PlayForLife’s Mission will be:

To promote access to quality education and digital literacy for the most marginalized children and youth, and to support the social and economic emancipation of promising young entrepreneurs, in order to promote the social and economic progress of developing countries, according to the principles of the modern economy.

In particular, the Objectives of PlayForLife will be:

As described in the graph below, PlayForLife will use two strategies: first, education, and second, incubation activities.  Particular attention will be dedicated to the gender dimension, to ensure equal opportunities are guaranteed for both boys and girls.

"A world where the positive role of technology is fully leveraged for the achievement of social purposes, the deepening of human relationships, the upliftment of the most marginalized, and the removal of what is wrong in our World."

We support Humanitarian Projects in emerging countries to give access to quality education and promote social and economic progress

A small action to change the world, together we can!